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Creative Journaling®

The Creative Journaling® is a method of Creative Journaling created by Anne Marie Jobin in 2004. It is a non-conventional self-exploration tool combining writing, drawing and collage. It awakens the creative expression and power within each of us.  No need to know how to draw to participate. The workshops are open to all . The atmosphere is always very welcoming, warm, and fun.

The Journal allows:

- Relaxation  

- Well being 

-  Each one to seek and find their own answers 

- to step forward with one’s projects 

- Guidance in times of difficulty and questioning 

- The expression of one's True Self 

- Access to one's own potential and resources Well being: Reconnection to Joy, creativity, enthusiasm, vitality and realization of one's potential.

- Connection to Self Love and connexion to the group. 

Valerie obtained her diploma as a facilitator of the method in 2014 and has been giving workshops since then in Vevey, Switzerland as well as in the United States. Themes are various and diverse: My relationship to my Body, Cocooning, my relationship to Money, Celebrating the year ending, Welcoming the New Year, amongst others.   Possibility to get a workshop organized for you à la carte for various occasions ( Birthday, Wedding, Project, Pregnancy etc ) You name it !

Next dates:

- Saturday October 6th: "New Beginning" from 9H30 till 17H00. (Price: 120 CHF)

- Sunday December 23rd: Celebrating 2018 from 9H30 to 17H00 (Price: 120 CHF) 

- Saturday December 29th: Celebrating 2018 from 9h30 to 17H00 (Price: 120 CHF)

- Sunday December 30th: Welcoming 2019 from 9H30 to 17H00 (Price: 120 CHF) 

Special price! Come along to both Celebrating 2018 and Welcoming 2019 workshops and only pay 220 CHF! 

Price include all material as well as snacks and a healthy lunch prepared by Adrien, l'artiste cueilleur. 

The workshops are held in a private apartment  by the lake in Vevey. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info and booking : info@validees.ch